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Our collection of must have coffee table Books on your coffee table
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One of the best pastimes for anyone who visits your home or office is perusing through the coffee table books. If you’re living or working a busy life, you need your guests to feel comfortable before they can meet you. Coffee books are a great addition to any table because they will keep the guest engaged while showing them the kind of taste you have.

There are plenty of options to choose from. Finding the right coffee table book is necessary because the images need to invite the reader to immerse themselves into the book.

We’ve made a collection of some nice coffee table books you should consider having on your coffee table.

70 Years of Extraordinary Photography

70 years of Extraordinary photogra
70 years of Extraordinary photography | Great coffee table books by RRHI

This is a massive collection of photos from history, collected over a period of 70-years; So named 70 years of Extraordinary photography! It highlights the most popular and beautiful pictures and includes some of the classics from legends such as Dorothea Lange, Irving Penn and more. These photos cover a myriad of topics which include Hollywood, science, war, culture, nature, presidency, sport and more, into a huge assortment of emotions and subjects.

The “Photo Essays” segment is beautiful and features different topics that pioneered the world of photojournalism. The image sequenced here capture stories which include the plight of the refugees in Germany during World War II, Heroin use in ‘60s and many more sensitive topics, including Larry Burrows’ portrait of the Vietnam War which has widely been called the “greatest photo essay” ever.

The Americans

The American | Great coffee table books by RRHI
The American | Great coffee table books by RRHI

Photographer Robert Frank traversed through the entire length and breadth of USA during 1955 and 1956, to take photos of different parts of the country and composed The American. He saw many different moods and a disparity among classes and documented it in this wonderful coffee table book. From racial tension, beauty, glamour, leisure, cars and so much more, the photo covers everything American in the 50s.

There are also photos of funeral-goers, lovers, boys enjoying a movie and more. It is a comprehensive book that covers American life like never before.

Vanity Fair: The Portraits – A Century of Iconic Images

Vanity Fair magazine | Great Coffee table books by RRHI
Vanity Fair magazine | Great Coffee table books by RRHI

One of the most well-known showcases for portraits worldwide, Vanity Fair magazine gathers a good selection of photos in a glossy avatar. There are also plenty of photos taken by some of the eminent photographers who cover topics such as politics and culture, with hi-quality images justifying the entries of lesser-known political or cultural figures.

These photos have been arranged to help the reader with juxtaposition. Photos of Joseph Goebbels and Richard Perle, Louise Brooks and Rob Lowe and more. These photos have been carefully put together to give people an impression of thought and wonder.

National Geographic – The Photographs

National Geographic - The Photographs | Great Coffee table books by RRHI
National Geographic – The Photographs | Great Coffee table books by RRHI

Probably the most famous coffee table book in the world, the ‘National Geographic – The Photographs’ features THAT image of the Afghan girl with haunting green eyes. Her story, which took the world by storm, is one of the hundreds that are present here.

There are famous photographers who have contributed and they share their techniques and anecdotes throughout the book. They talk about their colourful experiences in the field, which range from terrifying to humorous but never dull.

A good coffee table book makes for a happy and more satisfied waiting guest, whether at home or office. So the next time you’re at a bookstore, you know what you need to pick up. You can choose one from the list above or even get something else you’d rather like.

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