9 proven Organic Pest Control treatment for home


Do you know pest control for home could be done without chemicals?
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Organic Pest control treatment for home cover
Organic Pest Control Treatment for Homes

Bugs, mosquitos, creepy crawlies like cockroaches, ants, and termites are one of the biggest household pests that are harbingers of various diseases. Getting rid of them is often linked to spraying harmful chemicals all around. These chemicals are harmful not just for pests but for the residents of the household too. So we at RRHI recommend the organic pest control treatment for home and surrounding.

With these simple and effective solutions handy, one can get the solution as fast as you act!

1. Natural control Treatment using Citrus Peels:

Citrus peels have a gentle and refreshing scent which makes them an excellent option for natural pest control. Citrus peels will keep pests like spiders, ants, and mosquitos. All you’ve got to try and do is rub the peels on any problem areas you’ve got. Doorways, windowsills, and bookshelves are samples of areas that will like a fast citrus kneading. As another bonus, citrus peels make an exquisite furniture polish for wood surfaces

2. Pest control treatment using Cinnamon:

Cinnamon can be used outside of your house around entrances to keep bugs from entering. Pests (especially ants) won’t cross the cinnamon line. With the use of cinnamon inside on shelves and counters like other surfaces helps to cover up pheromones trails left by ants. Sprinkle some in any problem areas also acts as a natural pest control.

3. Organic Pest control treatment using Cucumber:

Ants have a natural aversion to cucumber, so placing cucumber slices or cucumber peels near entry points do wonders for keeping ants outside of your home. Ants aren’t the only insects who hate cucumber — moths, mites, wasps, and silverfish will also try to avoid cucumber.
Remember to replace cucumber slices frequently as rotting food might actually attract more pests. The bitter peels may be more efficient, so just use a vegetable peeler to remove some of the peel and place this peel anywhere you have problems with pests. 

4. Pest control treatment using White Vinegar:

Even after repeated cleaning of your food shelves ants are still keep visiting, white vinegar could be the idle solution. When ants come inside your home they leave a trail of pheromones that alerts other ants and other ants get in your home even though the source of their attraction is been removed.
With the use of white vinegar these trails delink. After the scent evaporates, those ants would be finding different sources of food and thus keeping your area ant-free.

5. Organic Pest control treatment with Herbs:

Herbs are one which is easy to find and easy to grow in a planter-box or your garden. Planting herbs such as lemongrass, mint, and citronella plants near entrances (doors and windows) to your home will stop pests from ever getting inside. The strong herb scents will repel them and they’ll have to find another place to invade.

Mint grows quickly and loves to spread, so you’ll want to give this herb its own space to grow in, like a planter box or container.

6. Pest control treatment using Baking soda and Sugar:

Mixing baking soda and sugar has a similar effect as that of boric acid on cockroaches. They react with the acids inside the stomach of the roach to eventually kill it. However, it is not as toxic as boric acid and can be used without worry. 
The Key is to mix the baking soda and sugar in equal parts. Then take this mixture and spread it across areas where you have seen roaches. It is important to know the places where they inhabit for this to be completely effective

7. Pest control treatment with Diatomaceous Earth:

Diatomaceous earth (often called DE) is one of the naturally occurring repellents that can be used to eradicate cockroach infestation. In order for it to be effective, there are a few measures that you need to keep in mind.

  • Know where the pests are – It is imperative to know beforehand as to where the roaches are seen the most. This is to ensure that the diatomaceous earth is spread across the right areas.
  • Remove dampness from the area – While applying diatomaceous earth, it is necessary to ensure that the area has no dampness or moisture. The presence of moisture reduces its potency to shew away cockroaches drastically.
  •  Don’t remove the diatomaceous earth till the infestation is over. Reapply in case it isn’t completely over.
    Once you’ve registered these measures, all you have to do is apply the diatomaceous earth at the right areas and the cockroach infestation will end for good.

8. Organic Pest control treatment using Peppermint oil:

Spiders are absolutely allergic to peppermint. A solution by mixing peppermint oil and water; helps keeps the spiders away from those corners. Plus this gives a nice soothing minty fresh smell for home ambiance and safe for children too

9. Prime Pest control treatment Keeping you home clear

Keeping your home clean isn’t any of a trick, but keeping a clean house is one of the best natural ways to keep pests out of your home. Regular cleaning, wiping of surfaces with natural cleaning products can keep your home repelling insects away.

These are a few of the easiest & natural ways to ensure a non-toxic approach towards keeping pests & bugs away from your household.

There are several other non-toxic ways that can get the same result as the above-mentioned methods but aren’t as easy to carry out like these. Thus, you can get rid of the bugs & pests without compromising the health of the residents. Therefore, marking a clear upper hand over traditional toxic chemicals used to keep pests & bugs away or kill them.

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