5 tips for Right colour selection for your Home


Having your own space gives you the advantage of being able to do it up the way you like, even with leased or rented spaces yet the scope of customization gets a restrictive edge. Regardless, one of the best things you could opt for is colour selection of your choice. Adding a bit of colour to your home can bring with it a sense of happiness while breathing life into your spaces.

Colour selection guide for your home!

With the right understanding of the space, the use of colour gives an exotic feel. Understanding the basics can also go a long way in helping you work with them.

Here are a few tips on using colour correctly at home –

1. Avoid paint /colour selection at first

Sometimes, it can seem obvious to complete the biggest task -doing a colour selection.
However, we understand that it’s important to analyze the surrounding furniture and decor before you do a colour selection of paint. Painting is an investment that will last a few years, so we wouldn’t like to odd out in a short span.

Example of inspiration. Source:Pinterest

2. Let something inspire you

One of the best things you can do to space is get inspired to begin we often call it a mood board and do a thematic of your colour selections. Head over to sites such as Pinterest, Google & another web to have a glance of trends and shortlist the design, decore & paints you like the most. Once you shortlist around 10, you’ll understand which style, decor and colour complement or contrasts. 

Inspiration can come out of anywhere, so always be on the lookout for something that gets you to think. It can be an intricately carved vase or something as simple as a blanket colour which can set the wheels rolling. 

3. Work with neutrals

While colour selection, choosing a colour is a great option, but if you’d like to draw attention to the walls, you should go bold. By doing so, the other majority parts of the room can be neutral to add to the contrast. A bold colour selection for a bathroom works well because everything is mostly white (like a bathtub, commode, washbasin), acting as the neutral.

4. Work with Samples

Sampling is a great way to gauge how your room would look before you make any changes. Try them out on different walls and you’ll be able to see how the light plays its magic at different times of the day. White walls generally throw your colour off, so just work with a larger area to get a better feel. 

Most of the major companies (commonly known in India are: Asian Paints, Berger, Nerolac, Indigo for interior paints) generally have their testers & sample kits which can be used, so don’t hesitate to try them out. It will give you a sense of clarity for an investment you’re going to have to stick with for a while. 

5. Pick the correct sheen

Sheen in paint generally draws accent flaws towards them, so go with an as little sheen as possible to ensure it happens. Also, test your furniture against the paint to get a better idea of how well the sheen contrasts or complements the furniture colour. 

Colours speak all languages

Joseph Addison (1672-1719)

Thus, you can work with the above tips or head over to the RRHI company and get some of the best advice on how to work with colours. You’ll be able to receive expert advice on everything home-related, giving you an informed choice and a better looking home!

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