Hidden benefits in Demolishing the internal walls – 2 Quick Guide


Demolishing the internal walls of your home?
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One of the times you’ve to make changes at your home is when you’ve to decide whether to demolish the internal walls of your home. This gives it a more open look but it also requires a bit of thought and understanding as to when you have to go about it. If you’re planning to demolish the internal walls, here’s a quick guide:

All about structural safety before demolishing the Internal walls

Buildings consist of Foundation, columns, beams, slabs, roof, and walls; Walls create the enclosure.
When you have an internal wall, it plays a major role in holding up your home’s structure and acts as a filler, separator to create a room enclosure.

Before demolishing the internal walls, know the Types of the Walls and their functions:
The walls can be broadly classified into two types for the homes:

1. Load-bearing walls: 

Most buildings around 30-35 years have load-bearing walls. These are the walls that enable the building structure to be supported and also transfers the building’s weight onto the foundations. They are responsible for supporting all the other elements, including beams, lateral support, slabs, roofs. So demolition of internal wall having load above them unstable the structure and advised to not do without professional help.

2. Non-load bearing walls: 

The other type walls that just act as separators and no active role in transferring the load to the foundation or to hold the structure upright.
There is no caution in the demolition of internal walls which are non-load bearing walls.

If you’re looking to demolishing the internal walls, here are some reasons to consider –

  • Open layout look : With the internal wall of your home in place, you can opt for a more open layout look. The walls add spaces to your home but removing them increase the natural light and ventilation, along with better circulation.
  • Increase in habitable spaces – Enlarging a particular room of your apartment, Use the demolition of internal walls as a smart way to make these habitable spaces larger.

These are two major reasons you could consider. It’s always better to get in touch with an expert for better solutions, and that’s where we come in. Drop us a message or call us and we’ll set up an appointment and provide you with the right advice. Good luck!

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