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Vastu Shashtra is one of the ancient teachings in India & Indian homes. It is deeply related to architectural science and explains buildings and how they must be constructed in order to channelize positive energy thus using Vastu Shastra for home. Vastu Shastra isn’t limited to just homes, but colleges, hospitals, offices and even malls and theatres, in shorts for every kind of the structures!

Why Vastu Shastra?

It is a guide to architecture and was created during the early stages of civilization. Men would consider basic guidelines such as the width, height and number of people living in a house. Using proper ventilation and sunlight, along with a water body was their indicator of a good home that was physiologically better for all the residents.

Vastu Shashtra
Vastu Shashtra | वास्तु शास्त्र

How does Vastu Shashtra work?

India has one of the oldest civilizations in the world, with a rich heritage that develops into different branches of ancient sciences. Vastu Shastra is a discipline that has become developed over years based on natural elements and traditional knowledge. The five elements, namely: Sun, Earth, moon, air, and space is what this is based on.

Olden day sages were aware of different forces and when houses were built, they applied this knowledge which is scientific. The five elements sync with the human body’s elements as well and proper coordination leads to happier living.

These elements can be used to determine how directions interact with objects as well as certain individuals. It is the relationship between these elements and the maintenance of equilibrium with the Indian style of living. It influences luck, behavior, deeds and other formats of life and that’s how Vastu Shashtra is used in numerology, face reading, and astrology.

The basis of direction (Vastu Shastra)

Kitchens are better when they are built in the South-East direction. India receives South-West monsoon winds and a kitchen is a place where the winds aren’t directly in contact with the room. The circulation of air leads to a happier mindset and life and that’s why it’s recommended to have rooms that are south-west facing. Halls or sitting rooms need to face the north, with toilets preferably facing the South-East direction, along with bathrooms in the north-east.

Directions for Vastu Shashtra
Directions for Vastu Shastra

The directions and the Gods:

Every direction is governed by a certain God according to the shastras –

  1. East is Indira
  2. South-East is Agni
  3. South is Yama
  4. South-West is Nirruthi
  5. West is Varuna
  6. North-West is Vayu
  7. North is Kubera
  8. North-East is Lord Shiva

This literature aims at helping humans live a fulfilling and better life. There are positive effects that are tied to living in a principled home such as:

  1. Better health, living conditions and steadiness in happiness and life
  2. A good reputation among the society members and the neighborhood
  3. Increased peace of mind, prosperity and low conflicts within a person
  4. Success in all activities of life
  5. The clear understanding of the approach of any issue or problem
  6. Getting the required desires satisfied
  7. Overcoming adversity and harmoniously living a content life
  8. People who have clear heads make for a better life and this is an apt statement when a home is constructed with these principles
  9. If any activity ends up being completed with less stress, one does not get fatigued
  10. Non-compliance could lead to a lack of harmony with constant conflicts among the family members
  11. You shouldn’t think that living in a home-based on these principles is the reason for unsocial activities. Your own actions are moderated with the help of the forces generated within a residence.

Home designed with pricipled Vastu Shashtra for home can enhance harmony, according to Vastu Shastra and all endeavors taken are done so with a clear and calculated mind. The science behind this claims that Vastu Shastra helps in a happier home and non-compliance could lead to negative effects that can shroud the legitimate and rational manner of thinking.

Proper application of Vastu Shashtra can help you generate positive vibrations in your home and you’ll be able to live a harmonious life. Vastu Shastra for home is an ancient scripture and science and a lot of Indian homes are built on their principles.

At RRHI, we’ll give you the best tips and tricks to ensure your homes fall compliant to these standards, along with plenty of other help related to homes and living spaces.

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