Vision 2020 for Homes by RRHI

2020 Vision – for you Home


The new year brings with it the promise of plenty of change and positivity. One area that definitely can help you start the new decade in style is your home. There are plenty of awesome changes you can bring and transform your living spaces into places that are inviting, fresh and absolutely contemporary.

Finding the right mix of home decor as well as improvement is definitely a great way to start your progress towards a better space. Here are some nice trends you could follow to bring the right sort of changes to your home –

  1. Bring out the paint:
    If you’re someone who loves professionally decorated homes with a smattering of colour, then this is the year you do the same to yours. Get paint that represents the colours you love – from earthy tones to fun colour bursts, there’s so much you can play around with.
    If you want to change the character of your home, add some fresh paint and hit us up for some inspiration. We’ll be able to give you the right suggestions based on the space you have. Also, painting is a relatively cheaper option and costs only around 3k-4k overall.

  2. Freshen up the bathroom:
    The bathroom is another important space at home and it needs to be taken care of from time to time. A nice bathroom can really spruce up your home and give you the compliments you’re looking for. Adding a layer of caulk and grout around the tiles, bathtub and sink is one good way to begin. You could also cover the discolouration from dirt, dust and mold and make your bathroom feel like a nicer and brighter space.
    Try updating the finishes as well, with handles, lighting and mirrors as well as the sink spout to truly transform this area

  3. Add colour to your garden:
    When you enter your home, you want to be greeted with some colour to uplift your mood and help you feel fresher. One of the first things anyone notices in a home is the garden and you could add some colour in the form of flowers and colourful pots.
    Landscaping is a great way to add beauty to your homes and you can add a tiny garden space to systematically improve your spaces. Look into the plants and flowers that add a natural glow and look, and also attract birds and bees. By having this sort of an environment, you will love coming home every day and just relaxing by the garden.

  4. Checking the filters:
    Checking filters is one of the best improvement practices you can follow. Clean out the water and air around the home and replace these filters once every two to three months. It helps in killing the harmful bacteria and reduce the risks of falling ill.
    By cleaning vents, you can also reduce dust and allergies and keep track of the filters for water as well. The filter covers can also be updated and you could add traditional filters with some beautiful patterns, finishes and colours so when you’re finally cleaning, you can add that bit of charm to any space at home.

  5. Add the right finishes:
    Updating the finishes at home is another way in which you can improve your home spaces. Every door handle, cabinet, faucet and more can do with an update once in a while so take time out to add them. You could opt for modern finishes such as rose gold, bronze, matte black and even slick steel. Think about adding even a crown moulding for that extra bit of charm.
    Any home goods store will be able to provide you with the right options, so head over and take your pick. Don’t forget to have the right measurements in place to avoid any last minute confusion or mishaps.

These are just a few of the changes you can incorporate in your homes.
Don’t forget to link with RRHI to get the best expert advice on home improvement for any domain. We’ll ensure you get the right sort of changes you’re looking for and have a space that’s worth your time.

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